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Cassandra's the name. My greatest strength is also my greatest adversary - my imagination!
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Naanu/Maldivian mermaidman was in town so we decided to channel Oliver Queen.
Football Thursday! Andddd Group 4 is the champion of the World (Leaderonomers) Cup! #toohotforyou
Thanks @MyTeksi for the #MalaysiansUnite Happy Package! #msianslovesfreestuff #unitedinsolidarity
Worked with this view today. 😉
Ong lai power! #Ongpower

“I imagine the feelings of two people meeting again after many years. In the past they spent some time together, and therefore they think they are linked by the same experience, the same recollections. The same recollections? That’s where the misunderstanding starts: they don’t have the same recollections; each of them retains two or three small scenes from the past, but each has his own; their recollections are not similar; they don’t intersect; and even in terms of quantity they are not comparable: one person remembers the other more than he is remembered; first because memory capacity varies among individuals (an explanation that each of them would at least find acceptable), but also (and this is more painful to admit) because they don’t hold the same importance for each other. When Irena saw Josef at the airport, she remembered every detail of their long-ago adventure; Josef remembered nothing. From the very first moment their encounter was based on an unjust and revolting inequality.”

—   Ignorance, Milan Kundera
#throwback to the time I found it amusing to jump on the Skybridge so that it shakes because Cyn and Joel were absolutely terrified of heights. I miss you bitches, don’t party too hard without me!  (at Gardens by the Bay Singapore)
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